Life and Death

What happens after death was always a fascinating question to humans. What is really death? Death is that the absence of life? Since we don’t actually know we started believing in many things. Even with this advanced technology and science we still don’t know what happens after death. Hence we continue believing and creating new theories.

Death is simply the absence of life. Be it humans, animals, or even our earth. The moment life ends we call it “ Death”!

When loved ones pass away we started feeling a void, a disturbing void that we don’t know how to fill in. We start looking for answers to fill that void and will start chasing all possible theories we know. However hard we try that void will remain as it is. Only time can help you here but that too won’t fill that but will teach you to live with that.

We all have these voids in our life that we cant fill but we learned to live with them. What if we could find out what happens after death, will that help fill in the void? No I guess, because we will know our loved one is in another world we can communicate with them but we can’t touch them, we can’t feel them and they can’t be with us in our daily challenges. But that feeling of knowing that they live in another world is definitely a relief. 

Are they living in another world? Some people believe that we take different life forms ie, after death you will be reborn as another being. This theory could be right because the human population is increasing and the animal population is decreasing so more animals are getting reborn as humans. This also means that more humans are getting reborn as other humans. If this theory is right then all those who died till now are living among us in some form or other. If so we can also definitely say that they can’t remember their past life, because we don’t remember what happens in our past life. 

Some believe that based on how you live your life you will either go to heaven or hell. If that is the case then hell will have to be such a huge solar system :).Also, all those who are dead will be living there. This means you will have a chance to meet them only if you live the exact same life as them, ie “if they were bad then you will also have to be bad so that you can meet them in hell and vice versa.”

Some others believe, we go to another world and have a new life there. Like a parallel universe concept. It is like you finish your assignment on one earth and you are being transported to another world. Where you could full fill new challenges. Since there are an infinite number of universes and planets there is always a chance that you will get rebirth as you yourself and relive the same life. This is quite possible because the universes are also aging, dying, and getting reborn. With the death of every universe, a new one is getting created and that will have life eventually. If this theory is correct then that means that we are in that infinite loop of life and death. We will eventually live the same life again and again but in different universes. If that is the case then we can always see our loved ones again and again.

Since we don’t know the answer we can continue imagining as much as we can but we don’t know when we will meet them again and the void will remain. One day we will also sink into that void and hope on that day we will find out what happens after death. But the problem is , we don’t know how to communicate that knowledge to this world


 “What if death is actually the birth “

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We only live for now, the rest is just presumptions.

The moment of truth 

With the advancement in technology, our life is moving very fast. The human race is capable of predicting the future, treating & preventing diseases, looking for life & the next colonizable place in another planet. With all these advancements we have started predicting the future. We plan things based on these predictions. But the fact is we can’t control what happens in the next moment.

All we know and control is what happens “Now”, rest all are presumptions, predictions, expectations, and beliefs.

We tend to do predict and expect based on what we learned from the past. With this learning, we are planning and dreaming for a better tomorrow. This also means that we live with a burden of presumption which we acquired based on our past.

“Doesn’t matter what happened in the past or what you have planned for the future. All you have is this moment. Don’t let it slip away.

So engage in, feel what you are doing, and enjoy the process. Keep in mind life is not a racing track with a finite destination instead it’s just a journey and it’s nothing but a sum of “Now’s.”

The journey will end one day. After your death, if the world is looking at the path you have taken then that means you are successful. Else it doesn’t mean you are a failure instead it means you are just another human being who lived with close ones and died in this world. Your path will be looked upon by those close ones.

All we can do is learn from the past and prepare for the future by doing the right things now.

As Albert Einstien once said, “ Life is a preparation for the future, and the best preparation for the future is to live as if there were none.”

Enjoy and indulge in the surroundings and do the right things now. Because all you can do is “do the right now”.

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