We only live for now, the rest is just presumptions.

With the advancement in technology, our life is moving very fast. The human race is capable of predicting the future, treating & preventing diseases, looking for life & the next colonizable place in another planet. With all these advancements we have started predicting the future. We plan things based on these predictions. But the factContinue reading “We only live for now, the rest is just presumptions.”

2070:Humanity is Live Again After 40 years

Sep-13: 2070. “ Good afternoon everyone!. This is “Albion with you from Survivor News”. “ Today Sep-13–2070 is going to be a remarkable day in human history. Because today a channel is again broadcasting live across the planet”. This is the story of our Survival, Perseverance, Passion, and Adaptability. After the black 30’s ( nicknameContinue reading “2070:Humanity is Live Again After 40 years”

Civilization, Hierarchy, Power, and Politics

Various civilization has evolved throughout human history. We evolved from “State of Nature” to “Savagery” to “Barbarism” to “Civilization”. These are the stages we passed through before we reached the apex of any civilization. This also means that the civilization is by default linked with hierarchy, which will eventually get linked with power and politics.Continue reading “Civilization, Hierarchy, Power, and Politics”

New normal: For some, it’s not e-Commerce instead it’s Compelled Commerce

During my last vacation, I wanted to buy a mixer grinder for my Mom, I went online and researched different products and nailed down to a couple of them. Then after discussing with my mom and wife I decided to go to the shop and buy it ( the instant gratification thing). I went withContinue reading “New normal: For some, it’s not e-Commerce instead it’s Compelled Commerce”


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