Life and Death

What happens after death was always a fascinating question to humans. What is really death? Death is that the absence of life? Since we don’t actually know we started believing in many things. Even with this advanced technology and science we still don’t know what happens after death. Hence we continue believing and creating newContinue reading “Life and Death”

Need for Rediscovery

Recently I was having a meeting with a team about selecting a platform that they could use. In that meeting, one senior team member raised a point and which caught my attention. “ We have established platforms, then why should we rediscover or try new methods, why can’t we just follow and use the existingContinue reading “Need for Rediscovery”

We only live for now, the rest is just presumptions.

With the advancement in technology, our life is moving very fast. The human race is capable of predicting the future, treating & preventing diseases, looking for life & the next colonizable place in another planet. With all these advancements we have started predicting the future. We plan things based on these predictions. But the factContinue reading “We only live for now, the rest is just presumptions.”

2070:Humanity is Live Again After 40 years

Sep-13: 2070. “ Good afternoon everyone!. This is “Albion with you from Survivor News”. “ Today Sep-13–2070 is going to be a remarkable day in human history. Because today a channel is again broadcasting live across the planet”. This is the story of our Survival, Perseverance, Passion, and Adaptability. After the black 30’s ( nicknameContinue reading “2070:Humanity is Live Again After 40 years”


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