Clarity can be achieved only if every individual and every team in an organization is clear about their thoughts , ideas and end goals. Then it is easy for an organization to bring clarity to there  goals, products and vision

We would like to relook at the way we groom our resources. This should help both individuals, companies and society. Companies should work towards sending people home with a sense of achievement and happiness. So that people are motivated to work.

This is where the coaching aspect is going to help you and your team. People are usually confused with training and coaching. Training and coaching are different. Training is like deliver and go mode while coaching is a full-time commitment and we focus on coaching. As a coach, we will be the shadow behind you and will help you to become a better yourself.

For this, we need to relook at the way we operate and deal with things. You should not expect the right people will get into the bus instead companies should consider building the right bus which goes in the right direction so that the right people will get in and will stay with you for long.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

Trooming offers coaching in these sectors:

Coaching Product Managers & Product Teams

There is lots of trainings around which will help you to learn about product management but we specialize in the coaching aspect, by working with the product mangers and their team full time. <Read more>

Coaching & setting up Business Analysis Practices

You would have taken certifications to become a Business Analyst. But our focus is to make you a  seasoned BA not just by training you but by coaching you in real projects in every small aspects.

At the end of the day a certification might get you a job but wont help you to be in job for long . <Read More>

Consulting & Delivery

The true meaning of consulting is ” helping people solve problems and move from their current state to their desired state”

We like to relook at the way consulting is done. Normally consultants will come and deliver a plan and you are left to run with it.

But we will take ownership of it, create a plan and deliver the product/projects for you  by working full time with your team . During this journey we will  transform the people and process to achieve extra ordinary results. <Read More>

Setting up Agile process

We can help you in becoming  more faster, flexible and customer focused.

Agile is a terminology which is being brutally abused by service companies. Every one uses Agile as a marketing word.

If you want to implement Agile methodologies in your organization then we can help you in setting up true agile practices. This will be not be done by giving theory sessions instead by owning one of your project or product . We will be with you through out the journey of that product and will  help you in setting up true agile practices.

<Read More>