The success of the product/project depends upon the clarity of the requirement. And the clarity is driven by the Business Analyst team.

For this you need a set of brillant Business Analyst with a robust process. Every company will be either looking for certified Business Analyst or will force the BA team for a list of certifications. But is that really enough to make them the out standing ones.

The coaching aspect is going to make a big difference here. It’s not just about making them aware of the BA process and Methodologies. It’s also about introducing them to the world of Agile and making them an expert in that.

We can work with your BA team and can help you in transforming the people and processes. This will result in clarity of requirements and process. This will eventually result in top-notch delivery with at-most quality.

The program will be designed as per company, team, and projects. We will sit with you and will go through the current process analyze the skill sets and projects, then come up with a program that is custom made for your company. This will be a fully committed activity and we will be working with your team handhold them in every step like how a coach does for a football team and will transform the process, people and delivery for your organization.