Coaching Product Team

When you move into the Product culture you need to bring clarity to the features, what customers needs, how features are performing, stakeholder management etc. The one thing you should realize is, Product and Service company’s culture and way of operations is completely different.

In our experience what we have seen is, the new product companies and product managers are guided to go for product management certifications. It’s ok to go for certification but is that enough?

If certifications were the key, then anyone could have been a product manager and every company could have build successful products.

Then how can you do this? You would need the help of a coach and not simply a trainer. The difference between a trainer and a coach is, Training is deliver and go mode. Whereas coaching is a full-time commitment. The coach will be working with your product team and will be helping them in transforming into the new norm of working.

The program will be designed as per company, team, and projects. We will sit with you to go through the current process, analyze the skill sets and projects, then come up with a program that is custom made for your company. This will be a fully committed activity and we will be working with your team handholding them in every step like how a coach does for a football team and will transform the process, people and delivery for your organization.