2070:Humanity is Live Again After 40 years

Sep-13: 2070.

“ Good afternoon everyone!. This is “Albion with you from Survivor News”.

“ Today Sep-13–2070 is going to be a remarkable day in human history. Because today a channel is again broadcasting live across the planet”. This is the story of our Survival, Perseverance, Passion, and Adaptability. After the black 30’s ( nickname for the incident that happened in 2030) we went through many hardships and it took 40 years for us to build and reclaim the technology we had at the start of this millennium. I am excited, blessed, and happy to be part of this big achievement of human history. One Again “ Good Afternoon” to the entire world.

Today as part of this program we look at what happened 40 years back, the period we call “The black 30’s” that wiped out 80 % of land and more than 80 % of animals, plants, and humans in the world. That was the time we had many timezones and our fellow human beings were living on both sides of the globe. From there we have shrunk to only the central part of the globe and we more or less live in the same timezone. What an irony…

Even after all this we humans survived and showed our character. Over a period of time, we collected some of the old video footages from our history. I think we should begin our new face by looking at what we had before 2030. We are also going to meet one of the oldest survivors of the catastrophe which started on Sep-13–2030.

We have read and heard about what happened in 2030, but there is only very few who could explain what happened during that time and only one person who is still chasing behind the key phenomena or incident that played a crucial role in the survival of human civilization.

Please welcome “Siddarth Rajamangalam” the famous Writer, Historian, Oceanographer, and Scientist..from a place once called Kerala. You might be wondering where is this place “Kerala”. This was once the southern tip of the country called India. Like us, he is currently a Global Citizen.

He walks into the studio…

Albion went and hugged him and welcomed him to the seat.

Albion: I am so happy to see and share a seat with you, sir! Your name is going to be written in the history books as the first person to be interviewed in the live channel in version 2.0 of earth.

Siddarth smiled and said “ that’s was a nice interpretation of human history, Version 2.0

Albion: “ Before we start let’s play a small video from the ruins of a lost world. I know you played a vital role in collecting these pieces together.

The video was about a lost world, a world that got lost in 2030. Currently, all of those parts are underwater, Siddarth played a crucial role in collecting the old footage and many of those are from his personal collections.

The voice from the video:

What you are seeing right now was once part of the world called Kerala in India. We know India as a country is largely not existing today,

In 2030 this was a big country with a population of nearly 2 Billion, which was the largest populated country at that time of history.

Siddarth couldn’t handle his emotions, that was his birthplace, 40 years back he lived there. He had family, friends, and relatives in that place. Now he doesn’t have anyone and that place is no longer existing in the world. This made his eyes wet.

He took a deep breath and said” the culture and this land is no longer existing right now”, This world is under the sea, you could have shown them the video of what we have found under the sea”.

Albion: “ We have that footage, the footage which your team took when you went below the deep ocean” We are going to show that at the end of this show.

Today I would like to focus on what happened on 13-Sep-2030.

Siddarth laid back on his seat and closed his eyes for some seconds. The memories of that day still drain his energy out.

Then he started saying

“ That day was my wife’s birthday, “We were in the middle of a long journey to the north of the world”

In the early August of 2030, there was a warning from the global scientific forum that huge hurricanes were forming in different parts of the world. The scientists were worried that this could be the end of the world. Because they predicted that it’s going to hit different parts of the world at the same time and could result in losing 70 percent of the land of entire world. Because with this rising temperature and hurricanes almost all the ice in the world will melt which will eventually make the world sink.

They started mapping out the places which are safe and could potentially survive this hit. One of the places was “Ismoil Somoni” in Tajikistan.

We set out on the journey to Tajikistan, Our first stop was at the north part of Delhi and then from there to Tajikistan and eventually to Ismoil Somoni. We were hoping the situation will ease up the border rules however we managed to get the permit because I was part of the driving clubs during that time.

We started the journey in our SUV from Kerala on Sep9th 2030…

The studio was silent everyone was patiently waiting for the story, Siddarth was lost in his thoughts.

Albion: Sir, Sir, What happened, you seem like you got lost in your thoughts.

Sorry, I was lost in my sweet memories, When we started the journey we knew that it could turn out to be the last journey together, but we also knew that it was our only chance left to survive. I was with my wife and two kids.

Albion: What exactly happened on Sep-13.

We were on the road towards Delhi, and somewhere near Jaipur, by the way, these places are not existing right now. It’s all underwater now.

It was predicted that the hurricane was set to hit by end of September or early October but all predictions went south and it started on sep13th 2030 in the early morning hours in India and almost at the same time across the world.

That day showed how powerless we were and we still are. We couldn’t do anything other than observe.

In the car, we were listening to see what’s happening around the world. The road was completely packed with vehicles all heading North. All of us were trying to move as north as we can and cover the Himalayas as early as possible. Because it was predicted that the Himalayas will be one of the worst hit places and most of north India will be flooded with the ice and water from the Himalayas.

By around 7 in the morning, the news came that Kerala along with many of the coastal areas was completely gone. At that time we were almost in the middle of India. We planned to cross the Indian border and head towards Kazakistan and eventually to Ismoil Somoni.

I would say we were only halfway through the journey,

By around 3 PM I couldn’t hear anything on the radio, it was all static. Then I knew that we could be hit by the storm at any point in time. We were not able to drive faster because the road was full but the traffic was moving.

By around 4 PM the wind and rain were unbelievable we couldn’t see anything in front. It was pitch black. I haven’t seen rain and storm like that in my entire life. I am sure only the survivors of that day would have seen rain like that.

We could see lightning striking the ground near us and the ground was breaking because of the heavy voltages.

After some time I felt that I am losing control of the steering. At first, I thought it was because of the road getting flooded with water. Then I realized that we were floating in the air, I told my wife that “ Probably we are going to be washed away with this”.. “The kids were all screaming they were terrified by the view… We hugged each other and said I love you …”

After a moment the surroundings went dark and the car started moving up in the air.

I could see lightning strikes inside that huge hurricane… Our car was literally inside that big storm.

I saw something strange in those moments. I saw lightning striking a car and the complete car disappeared…I looked back and hold my wife’s and kids’ hands…That was the moment we were hit by a huge lightning…

Again he went mute and everyone patiently waiting for his next words. Tears were rolling down from his eyes.

Albion: Sir, Sir, Are you ok.

Siddarth woke up suddenly and took the glass of water, his hands were shivering and his face was all red, he couldn’t control his emotions.

After some time he said, “that was the last time I saw them” ….

Albion was silent for some time and then said,

We will take a break now, after the break we will continue with the story of Siddarth and his family.

After the break:

Albion: “Sorry, to push you through those old memories, but what happened after that”.

During that time I heard and read about Teleportation, According to physicists that were completely possible but would require a huge amount of power to do that and no one has ever done that. It’s a method by which we transfer material or a living organism from one place to another in the blink of a second. It’s called Quantum Teleportation and entanglement.

Albion: “ Are you saying you were being teleported.

Siddarth: That is what I am saying for 40 years and trying to prove that it is possible. I am in search of two things…One the power that teleported us and two, my family”

Albion: So that means you lost them and you believe they are still alive?

Siddarth: I lost them, but I strongly believe they are living in some parts of the world now because if I am being teleported from India to northern China. They could also have been ported to some other part of the world and they could have survived. I am sure I will be able to find them because the world is literally very small now.

This is the one belief that keeping me alive. I became a historian because of that, I was traveling to what is left in the world just because of those two reasons.

Primarily to find my family, I still believe they are alive and during one of these explorations, I will find them somewhere. That is one of the reasons why I agreed to come to this show so that I can tell this story to the entire world, I believe they might be hearing this story now. I strongly believe that…

The second question is: “who teleported us, It’s not just me who got teleported on that day. Last four decades I have met several people who went through a similar experience and I have studied about them and I have written about them. But still, I can’t find the answer for how that happened or who did that.

He continued,

The world and we people are so funny, In 2030 India and the general world were culturally divided, the nationalist movements have ruined India and the whole world. It was almost like the Nazi era coming back in the entire world. But the world was technologically advanced. Our fellow human beings were in space and some were even on Mars.

Speaking about that we still have satellites that are sent in the twenty twenties are still orbiting the earth and many planets. We still receive information from then and we don’t have the technology and power to interpret and communicate back with them. We also believe our fellow humans are surviving on Mars. We believe we will meet them again. During those times we used to say that by 2070 we would have a full colony on Mars and we will be having regular flights from Earth to Mars… What an irony right. We couldn’t imagine a situation like this back then. we only thought and imagined about advancement…

He took a pause and continued:

We as a species didn’t achieve all of them, but I am happy that we survived to see 2070… However, there was someone or something which helped us in surviving that catastrophe and we yet don’t know what that is.

Albion: “ We will take a break with this though and with the belief that before the next episode we will be able to find out Siddarth’s family and will see if Siddarth will be able to find the answer for his second Question. “ Who teleported us?

Before we go I would like to show you a picture of the Siddarth’s family and the lost world of Kerala.”

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