Civilization, Hierarchy, Power, and Politics

Various civilization has evolved throughout human history. We evolved from “State of Nature” to “Savagery” to “Barbarism” to “Civilization”.

These are the stages we passed through before we reached the apex of any civilization. This also means that the civilization is by default linked with hierarchy, which will eventually get linked with power and politics.

We could see this reflection in almost all the companies. Most of the companies will start small ( State of Nature). During this time they will have the fire to do anything and everything, they don’t care about the status quo, they will be brutal ( Savagery).

Slowly these companies will start growing and the fire will slowly go down. This will slowly lead to not knowing what is happening in each division inside the company and unknown friction starts building up ( Barbarism). This is the period where the companies will realize they need to define the process so they will start building hierarchy, roles, and responsibilities ( Civilization).

This is why I said every company is a true reflection of human evolution.

This means like human history hierarchy will be followed by power and politics. When you observe all the companies which moved to the hierarchical model, the immediate thing to happen will be “ Power game and Politics”.

Like what happened to great civilizations this will eventually lead to the collapse of companies.

You might be thinking what I am saying:

Are you saying that “we should not evolve”.

“NO !, Definitely not !” instead we should learn from the mistakes of what others have made and make sure with civilization you are not losing the element of fire called “Innovation

Instead of defining specific roles and defining hierarchy for approaching people, we should look at building teams who are empowered to take and act on decisions they make.

Similar to human civilization any company is a group of people and we should not forget human values like Freedom, Friendship, Transparency, Trust, Sense of Achievement, etc.

If you look at the above words then you will understand that you cannot buy those. Instead, those have to be created over a period of time. For that, you need consistency, passion, and care.

I like to call the organization chart a “Power Pyramid” the moment it is established the people will start climbing that pyramid by forgetting human values. When you try to scale you must keep these elements in mind. Because your resources are neither machines nor blind followers, instead they are humans of a civilized world.


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