Technology is fastly changing and almost every day we are coming up with new technologies and almost every company will be offering certifications for these.

As part of the learning culture, the co-operate companies were pushing their employees to take more certifications. But was that productive, did it give you the right results ? It might have given you sales because you have more people with certified skill sets. But did the quality improve? Did the people or the process really change?

So what was missing ? Why certification alone is not enough to excel?
“A certification might get you a job but it won’t help you to be in the job for a long run”.

We would like to relook at the training and learning programs and make it productive and transformative.

Look at the football teams they all have trainers who teach them new skillsets, improve them with new techniques. But when the real game happens you will not find these trainers in the ground shouting and encouraging them, instead, you will find another person in the real battlefield alongside them ” The Coach”. So what is the difference between the coach and the trainer?

The trainer’s focus is to stretch and enhance individual skills but the coach focuses on stretching limits by making you and the team do better than your best. All companies and individuals invest in training but forget about the coaching aspect. That is the person who creates discipline and drives results.

We focus on this part. We work with the team and will improve every person, process, management, and delivery methodologies. We would like to relook at the way we can improve the people, process and delivery.
We believe clarity will result in the drive towards one goal which will in-turn drives motivation and passion. If everyone is motivated & passionate, then the team is motivated, if all teams are motivated then the organization will be motivated towards driving a common goal. This marching towards the common goal should change the language from Management, Boss, and Supervisors to Coaches, Mentors, and Leaders.

We would like to create a workplace where people go home happily with a sense of achievement. So that they feel motivated & passionate to come to the office every day and bring happiness to their family and social life. We can help you in achieving this state of nirvana.

Our coaching & consulting programs will be focused towards finding and defining your IKIGAI . It will be custom developed as per the client’s needs. We will be publishing the programs soon…